We are TOPNOTCH Medical Board Prep, a systematic and comprehensive approach to reviewing and preparing for the Philippine Medical Boards. With assistance and guidance from top doctors, consultants, and professors, we aim to nurture medical graduates, optimize student performance, and help create future doctors.

The next few months are crucial to your career as a future doctor. The Philippine Medical Board Exams is both demanding and stressful. In four short days it seeks to measure what you have learned after at least 5 long years of medical study and practice.

Preparing for the boards is one of the most challenging and unforgettable experiences you will ever go through. And it is a challenge you are expected to face in a few months’ time.

The few months you have between today and the Boards are crucial to your preparation.

Choose to spend some of those valuable months with us.

Be part of Topnotch Medical Board Prep. Let’s work together to help you get that medical career on track.